First New Azimut 66 Unloaded in Hong Kong

July 05, 2016


The first new Azimut 66 arrived in Hong Kong in July and was received with great admiration.

Finished in all white two things were immediately apparent about this new model; the incedible space that Azimut have created for the exterior areas and continual design development of the details, fabrics and materials of the decor throughout.

Her 4 cabin interior and vast exterior challenges the Azimut 72 for sheer space and comfort on board, which with her extremelt attractive pricing makes the new 66 an extrmely tempting option in this massively popular section the market.

We dont think there is another 66' yacht to match the Azimut for space, style, quality and price, but dont take our word for it, please come and see her for yourself!

The first Hong Kong client to see the new 66 immediately ordered one for himself to replace his current Azimut 62. There is something very special about this new model.